Languinis is a unique, FREE word / puzzle mobile game.
Match gems and spell words to win over 800 challenging levels.

“Elegantly pairing the match-three frenzy of Bejeweled with the word-making challenges of Scrabble”
– App Store Editor’s Notes







A sudden drop in temperature gave Achoola a permanent cold before he ever had a name. When the other Languinis heard him sneeze, they decided that Achoola would fit. He carries a hot water bottle in his helmet and is an expert tea brewing master, which he tends to spoil with his sneezes.


Boolala loves to sneak up and scare the Languinis. But while Boolala gets a kick out of his pranks, his habit has led to a decline in invitations to Languinis’ social events. No matter, the only event Boolala cares for is Halloween.


As Charmala's name suggests, there is something bewitching about her. All it takes is for her to sound her dazzling voice, and all heads will be instantly turned in her direction. She also has an acute eye for anything charming, and when she names things she imbues that thing with even more charm.


Decola is the most lush and extravagant Languini. She's a compulsive collector of anything shiny, which she adds to her costume and dons with all the other gleaming objects. But there's only so much gleaming stuff she can be exposed to at one time without losing control and going berserk.


Eatala's gorgeous set of teeth adorn a smile so big it's only rivalled by his appetite. And that's where his naming ability lies; in his stomach. Whenever he tastes something new, he is instantly inspired by that taste itself to name it.


After an incident involving Achoola sneezing fiery cinders off Firala and onto Eatala's feather-covered helmet resulting in him catching fire, the Languinis discovered the usefulness of fire. After Firala is exhausted from naming things, he falls into a deep sleep, and the others steal fire from him.


Giftala starts his day by collecting scrap to forge new G-shaped decorations to add to his collection. The most generous of his kind, he offers his creations to his fellow Languinis expecting nothing in return, but they all fail to see the beauty of his art.


Hopala's playful mimicry resulted in him walking in a zigzag fashion while naming a crab. Attempts to return to walking straight include ballet classes, swimming with swans and learning monkey feats. Now, Hopala can find things nobody else can when moving in awkward directions.


Incala got his name when he tripped and rolled down an Andes mountain. At the foot stood the Inca who were dazzled as he stood up with a beautiful setting sun behind him. Believing that the sun god had descended from the sky, they prepared to sacrifice him and send him back, but Incala escaped.


Jovila is a prankster whose escapades include placing distorting glasses on Hopala’s head while sleeping; pouring sneezing powder in Achoola’s hot beverage; and painting reptiles’ eggs in shiny colours and giving them to Decola to freak her out. Surprisingly, Hopala started walking straight!


Kissala derives her inspiration by kissing and cuddling things. She's the most compassionate of the bunch and is often around Charmala and Decola. She always feels compelled to take care of creatures in need. Often, she ends up being followed around by flocks of creatures.


Lalala is virtuoso musician with a perfect pitch for all sorts of sounds. He rounds up creatures producing consonant sounds to form orchestras. As he composes musical pieces, he gives individual members names to ease communication. The result is beautiful symphonies and new names!


Mamala is the motherly figure amongst the Languinis. Since they can be as pesky as they are cute, someone has to keep them in line, and this keeps her busy. She is left with little time to do anything else. When she finds time, she bakes mouthwatering pies she has to keep hidden from Eatala...


Nikala possesses a true ninja’s physical prowess including skills such as stealth, high/long jumps, and speed. That’s why he’s usually assigned the most perilous naming missions. Nikala is also Jovila’s most sought after prank target as he has never succeeded in tricking him.


Opsala’s name originated when he fell into the mouth of the cheetah he is still stuck in. Having accepted the irreversibility the situation, Opsala and the cheetah made a pact – The cheetah carries Opsala across long distances and Opsala gives him his share of Mamala’s pies in return.


Pescala has the job of naming underwater life. His life is literally immersed in water. He’s keen on fishing, swimming, underwater treasure hunting; collecting seashells, has a seafood-based diet, lives in an aquarium, has a pet seahorse, and can talk through underwater bubbles.


Querella’s ability to find hidden or distant things comes from his ability to ask questions in any language just by imitating the physical properties whatever he’s talking to. Things got strange when he started talking to trees and stones too. And yet, after that, he never fails to find his destination.


Rukola is the green thumb of the bunch. Once Nikala hid from Jovila in Rukola’s garden patch. Rukola picked and placed him in a sack. Nikala jumped out scaring Rukola and the leaves on his head fell off. Pescala sprinkled water and Incala shined sunlight on him until they sprouted again.


Shokala’s passion was flying kites and biggest fear in life were snakes. Once, he ventured out into a storm for some kite flying and he came back electric blue. His fear of snakes was gone as he started to electrify them into letters to send messages to his friends.


What pranks are for Jovila, ticklish antics are for Tikala. He has the awkward ability to tickle things and get inspired to name that object or creature. Once, Tikala and Jovila got attacked by a wild beast. Tikala circled round it and tickled it into submission. He named that animal the Grizzly Bear.


Ulala – an artist originally named Ulyssala – sailed to Europe on a whale and a tribe took him in. After composing an astonishing portrait of the village, the tribe was in commotion. The daughter of the chief appeared. Ulala exclaimed ‘Ou la la!’. Everyone thought it was his name and it stuck.


Vitala has energy to boot. In his leisure time, he often picks other Languinis who have a superb skill and competes against them. His way of naming things is also done in the form of a race. His best so far was running across 5 countries for 5 days and naming 50 new things in each one.


Windala always wished to fly. But no matter how hard he tried, he just couldn’t. One day, while observing a flying squirrel from a tree branch, he fell off and the wings on his helmet fluttered briefly before he crashed into a bush. He started practicing every day in between naming things.


Xerola changes colours to those of his surroundings just like a chameleon. This skill is useful when he’s trying to name a wild beast. Once, Jovila wrapped him up, placed him next to some crystals to change colour and Jovila gave Xerola to Decola as a present. She was shocked when she realized!


Yawnala has succeeded in sleeping through Jovila and Tikala's antics, and almost missed the Cosmic Egg's departure for the Earth. His naming skill is the most unusual as he just sleepwalks or rides on a comfy animal and starts naming things he passes while remaining asleep!


Zombila's looks, even if intimidating, are deceiving. He is a kind-hearted self-taught doctor and technician. He can easily be found healing sick animals or fixing a home for them. On the way to the Earth, the Cosmic Egg started malfunctioning. Zombila fixed it in mid air. From them on, he is seen as a hero.





A long time ago...
The Phoenix God summoned
the Languinis and said...

Go forth, and name all things.
They travelled across the world
on an endless naming spree...

It was one big,
fun game for them!
Naming one thing...
and then the next.

But with too many
words to remember,
the Languinis grew
weary and lazy.

The Phoenix God was furious
and punished the Languinis.

That's where you come in!
Save the Languinis from
the Phoenix God's wrath!